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The services provided by Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino are governed by these "Terms and Conditions of Service".
By using the service you automatically accept our terms and conditions.
The "Terms and conditions of service" established by Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino must be understood and considered an integral part of each individual storage contract and any other service concluded with the Customer and cannot be separated from the contract itself.


The following definitions apply to the "Terms and Conditions of Service" that regulate the storage contract and for any other service concluded with the customer: "we", "us", "our", the "personnel in charge" means Luggage Storage of Giuseppe Salino and any partners and collaborators of Luggage Storage by Giuseppe Salino; “Customer/s”, “you” and “your” means the customer holding a deposit “receipt” hereinafter “e-mail”.


The contract for storage and other services is stipulated with Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino, owner of the website www.safeyourluggage.com, who agrees to stow the luggage/objects of its customers in its luggage storage facilities. By leaving your luggage on our premises and in the luggage storage, you accept the terms and conditions set out in our storage contract and/or the contract for the provision of various services, on your own behalf and/or on behalf of any other interested person.


The luggage storage service consists of the rental of automatic lockers for the storage of luggage/personal objects in our stores for the period chosen by the customer during the booking phase.
The Customer is informed that he no longer has the right to withdraw from the transaction when the booking is definitively confirmed by the assignment of a box number and respective opening/reopening code, which he expressly renounces in light of the specificity of the service, and that the reservation will no longer be refundable. The booking email constitutes the booking (we reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time and for any reason, refunding the customer the amount already paid). The locations are open seven days a week from 07:00 to 23:00. Reservations can be made on the website 24 hours a day. Animals are prohibited in all lockers and/or all rooms. Smoking is not permitted inside our baggage storage areas. No storage of perishable foods is permitted inside the cabinets. The maximum weight allowed per locker is 35 KG. The Customer is required to check the size and weight of his/her baggage before making a booking.No complaints or refund requests will be accepted if the baggage exceeds these dimensions and/or weight. The Customer is also required to ensure that the locker door is properly closed before leaving the luggage storage facility he has used; The luggage is locked inside the locker rented by the customer; You have not left any valuables in your luggage, for which the Customer remains responsible and for which Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino declines all responsibility; He didn't leave anything inside the locker when he leaves a deposit for the last time (at the end of the booking). The Customer is in any case responsible for his/her baggage and its contents. It is the Customer's responsibility not to leave any identity documents or other documents necessary for the trip in the locker. The Customer acknowledges that he has taken all necessary precautions and measures to ensure that he has not left the documents necessary for the trip in the locker. Failing this, Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino will in no case be held responsible for any negligence on the part of the Customer.


For security reasons, any item or baggage that is forgotten/found and unclaimed will be destroyed after 5 days of the end of your booking.
If forwarding of a forgotten item is requested, the Customer assumes all costs, which must be paid in advance. A contribution of €35 plus shipping costs will be requested, which depend on the weight, destination and shipping method (regular mail, UPS, etc.).


The storage of items prohibited by law and/or considered dangerous under national legislation is not permitted, as are items which by their nature or packaging may cause damage to people, the environment or other baggage transported and/or stored.
We do not accept deposit, nor provide other services for goods that in our sole discretion are considered dangerous.
Luggage Storage by Giuseppe Salino does not accept deposit for the following items: plants and animals, living or dead; negotiable securities and certificates (bills of lading, currencies, banknotes, coins, credit cards and travelers checks (travel documents)); other non-negotiable securities; any material that could be considered pornographic or indecent; weapons (firearms and edged weapons); software containing high-value information; technology (phone, tablet, PC, smartphone); garbage; political material; hazardous materials; narcotics or psychotropics; art objects; antiques; metals (gold, silver in any form and precious stones); bulky goods; documents (public and private offers, titles, meal vouchers and fuel vouchers, etc.); clocks.
The following items can be accepted by Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino only with specific written authorization or if they are expressly part of the commercial offer of Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino, food and pharmaceutical products; cigarettes and alcohol; fragile objects (such as glass, bottles, etc.); biological tissues and anatomical pieces.
The customer acknowledges and accepts that the storage of such goods is subject to specific regulations. The assignment must, therefore, take place in compliance with current legislation and any operational provisions dictated by Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino. These indications may change at any time.


The Customer acknowledges and accepts that Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino and/or any Government Authority have the right to open and inspect the baggage at any time for security reasons.


The customer guarantees and declares that:
(a) the contents of your baggage have been securely and carefully packaged so as to protect them from the normal risks of carriage, including any associated sorting and/or handling processes;
(b) the contents of the baggage do not cause damage to other baggage transported by us and/or stored in our warehouses;
(c) the contents of the baggage are not a prohibited item and the customer is a person or organization with whom we cannot lawfully trade under applicable laws or regulations;
(d) you have complied with all applicable laws and regulations, other than as provided in this agreement;
(e) the economic value of each piece of baggage including its contents does not exceed €500
The customer implicitly agrees to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any liability which we may suffer, or from any costs, damages or expenses, including legal fees, which we may incur to you or to any third party arising from your breach of any of these warranties, obligations and guarantees, including if we inadvertently agree to a hold that contravenes any of your obligations.


Our responsibility for the risks of loss or damage to your luggage during the period of storage at our headquarters and specifically attributable to the sole responsibility of Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino or its employees, will be governed by art. 1768 and n. 1770 c.c. and in any case cannot, under any objective and/or subjective circumstances, exceed the amount of €150.00 per bag, covered by the insurance.
For the part not covered therein by the rules of the civil code on the storage contract, no responsibility is attributable to Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino in the event of baggage(s) delayed and/or not collected after the opening/closing times of our premises .
Therefore, Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino will not be in any way responsible in relation to duly and fully proven damages, which may be considered a direct and foreseeable or indirect consequence of the delay and/or failure to collect.
Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino will therefore not be responsible for any flights, trains, starts, lost profits, profits, markets, reputation, customers, use, opportunities, even if we were aware that such loss or damage could occur, nor for any loss or damage, regardless of indirect, incidental,special or consequential circumstances, including, without limitation, termination of contract, negligence, willful misconduct or default. We will not be liable if we fail to perform any obligation to you due to circumstances beyond our control such as (the following list is illustrative only and not exhaustive): acts of God including earthquakes, cyclones, pandemics, storms, floods , fire, disease, fog, snow or frost; force majeure including (but not limited to) war, accidents, acts of terrorism, strikes, embargoes, local disputes or popular uprisings; national or local outages; hidden defects or intrinsic defects in the contents of the checked baggage; criminal acts of third parties such as theft, robbery and arson; acts or omissions attributable to you or to third parties whose work you will be responsible for; act or omission attributable to a public official; shipment contents consisting of any item that is a prohibited item by law or under the provisions of this contract, even if we may have accepted the shipment and/or storage in error. We are not responsible for broken handles and/or wheels. The only liability attributable to us in relation to the services provided is governed by these general conditions of conservation.


Every baggage stored at our company is covered by UnipolSai insurance. up to a maximum value of EUR 150.00 per bag. This insurance coverage will compensate the customer for any damage and/or losses directly attributable to Luggage Storage by Giuseppe Salino within the limits indicated above, as well as in the event of proven theft by third parties.
Such insurance coverage is not available for precious stones, precious metals, watches, plasma screens, LCDs, satellite navigation systems, mobile phones, PCs, tablets, notebooks, jewellery, money, glass, porcelain, works of art, antiques, documents or films, tapes, discs, memory cards or any other medium containing data or images. The above insurance options do not cover consequential loss, delayed delivery or loss arising from a breach of your obligations under these terms and conditions and are not available for services which do not involve transport. The above options do not cover broken handles and/or wheels.
All shops are monitored with an alarm system, also all shops are equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and networked.


If a customer wishes to file a complaint for lost or damaged baggage, or for any other damage, he must comply with the provisions of national law; otherwise we reserve the right to reject the complaint. In particular, it is possible to send the complaint in writing within eight (8) calendar days from the end date of the locker rental. After the first written communication, and no later than the limitation period established by law or applicable regulations, the customer must provide documentary evidence of the complaint by sending all useful information relating to the accident. We are not obligated to act on any claim until our filing fees and charges have been paid. The customer has the right to deduct the amount of the complaint from the amounts due for rental at Giuseppe Salino's Luggage Storage. In order to take into account a claim for compensation, the contents of your baggage will be made available to us for inspection upon collection. In the event of our acceptance of the claim, the customer warrants that the insurance company or third parties having an interest in the conservation will waive any rights or claims to which they are entitled by virtue of subrogation or otherwise.


For the automatic locker rental service, your credit/debit/paypal card will be charged at the time of purchase online or on site.
Any disputes relating to charges must reach us in writing no later than seven (7) days from the date of payment. The current rates applicable to the deposit service are available within the deposits and on our website. The customer agrees to pay the amount due to Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino regulated by these conditions within the agreed terms. Payments will be made in the local currency, and calculated based on the current exchange rate. Late payments may result in the application of late payment interest pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/02 and subsequent amendments. Luggage Storage di Giuseppe Salino reserves the right to demand, without prejudice, the reimbursement of its credits within the times and in the manner established by law, without prejudice to the right to greater damages.


If any term or condition of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, such determination will not affect the other provisions of this deposition agreement which will remain valid, in full force and effect. Except for the provisions of any applicable law; any dispute arising from and/or connected to this deposit contract will be governed by Italian law.


For any dispute relating to the relationship between the parties, the consumer's court will have exclusive jurisdiction pursuant to art. 33 paragraph 2 of legislative decree number 206/2005 and subsequent amendments.

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